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Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences)

First launched in 2007 by Naresuan University, Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) is peer-reviewed and published as hardcopy and online open-access journal.

A journal for research articles and review articles in the fields of Linguistics, Humanities, Fine Arts, Applied Arts (Music), Social Sciences, Education, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Communications and other related fields.

Authors or researchers can send their manuscript according to the regulations of Naresuan University Journal, which are listed below;

1. Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) publishes four issues per year: 1) January-March 2) April-June 3) July-September 4) October-December
2. The original article has not been presented nor is it in the process of review for publication in other journals.
3. In case that the article is in Thai, the author is required to translate it into English because Naresuan University Journal: Humanties and Social Sciences will be publised in bilingual format.

Research articles dealing with human or animal subjects must attach an approval certificate from the Ethic Committee. Moreover, the research article dealing with human subjects must provide evidence of informed consent. The editorial board of Naresuan University Journals approve research article for publication, the final decision of the editorial board cannot be appealed.

Thai-Journal Impact Factors: 0.074

Print ISSN: 1905-7121

EISSN: 2539-5521

Frequency: 4 Issues/Year

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The original research articles published in this journal were peer reviewed by last 2 readers per article who specialized in Science and Technology. Any reproduction of the articles must be approved by a written consent from the Editorial Board.