Guidelines for handling the manuscript

1. The Editorial Board will send a letter to acknowledge that the manuscript submission was received. Guidelines for handling the manuscript
2. The Editorial Board will assign at least 3 readers to review the manuscript. If the content is not complete or not approved by the readers, the manuscript will be rejected. Otherwise, the process manuscript will be sent for correction with comments and suggestions. The author must revise the manuscript accordingly and send it back within 7 days. The revision process may be repeated until the final draft is completed and up to the journal’s standard and receives final approval from the readers.
3. The editorial board of Naresuan University Journals approves or rejects the research article for publication. The final decision of the editorial board cannot be appealed.
4. The editorial will issue an acceptance letter together with the publication issue and volume of the journal in which the article will be published.
5. The manuscript will be formatted following Naresuan University Journal form and sent to the author for final correction/checking.