Efficiency of Smart Farm System on Enhancement of Pepper Production


Tawatchai Madato Wanida Petlamul Kuntapon Mahamad


This research presents the Smart Farm System (SFS), networked with the Internet of Things, and its positive impact on the yield and productivity of a pepper crop. The SFS was designed and developed using an ESP32 microcontroller board connected to a BME280 spraying system and also to an SHT10 sprinkler system. The SFS operates continuously and accurately according to set parameters, with the spraying system operating based on temperature and humidity parameters when the temperature is greater than 30 °C and the humidity is less than 80 %RH, and the sprinkler system operating according to soil moisture parameters, when the soil moisture is less than 70%. The results show that, in the comparison of pepper yield of the crops watered under the control of the SFS, for both the spraying systems and the sprinkler system, and a crop watered under the usual general watering process, the mean values of pepper crop yield weights were significantly higher for the SFS-controlled systems. Compared to general watering, the pepper yield weight from the spraying system increased by 49.97% and 24.97% from the sprinkler system. The pepper quality values of average bunch length, bunch diameter, and pepper seed size from both the crop watered by the spraying system and the sprinkler system were all significantly higher than those obtained from the general watering process. User satisfaction with the automated systems for convenience of use, user interface and application, clarity of the instruction manual, material requirements and structure of the devices was high as was the confidence that the systems could generate higher productivity from the pepper.

Keywords: Smart farm system, Internet of Things, Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture, Pepper


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