Shielding of uncharged and charged radiation of PbO–B2O3–SiO2–Na2O glass system


Kittisak Sriwongsa Punsak Glumglomchit Bussayamas Sualuang Punnawich Arunoros Maysinee Pansuay Sunantasak Ravangvong Chumphon Khobkham


        The aim of this research to study uncharged and charged radiation attenuation properties of xPbO–20SiO2–10Na2O–(70–x)B2O3 glass system where x = 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mol %. Uncharged radiation has been simulated mass attenuation coefficient (µm), effective atomic number (Zeff), effective electron density (Nel), half value layer (HVL), mean free path (MFP) and build–up factors (BFs) while parameters of charged radiations as alpha (He2+) and proton (H+) particles have been calculated attenuation properties. The µm, Zeff, Nel, HVL and MFP values were derived from WinXCom program at energy ranging 1–108 keV. BFs values were determined using geometrical progression (G–P) fitting method for energy ranging 0.015–15 MeV at deep penetration 1–40 mfp (mean free path). While the alpha (He2+) and proton (H+) particles attenuation properties were simulated from the SRIM software at energy ranging 0.01–10 MeV. The results reported that 60PbO–20SiO2–10Na2O–10B2O3 glass sample was excellent glass in terms of shielding for uncharged and charged radiation. The results of this research can be useful for variation radiation shielding purpose.

Keywords: Uncharged radiation, Charged radiation, Radiation shielding


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