COVID-19 and Human Security in Nigeria


Adeola Aderayo Adebajo


          COVID-19 came as a whirlwind with disrupting the socio-economic activities of the Nigerians culminating into varying degrees of hardship. The paper examined the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on human security in Nigeria. The risk theory was employed as the explanatory framework. The paper is qualitative in nature relying on secondary data obtained from texts, journal materials and other internet sources. The paper asserts that government responses to the effects of the pandemic through cash transfer, economic stimulus and provision of food palliative had limited impact on the well being of the citizens, particularly the vulnerable. This was due to corrupt practices, disorganisation, diversion of materials, the politicisation of the process, absence of a framework for welfare administration, contradictions spawned by some of the policies, lack of database that captures citizens in both the formal and informal sectors of the economy, among others. The study recommended that the government should put in place a social security/protection programme that provides a sound welfare system to the citizens. Furthermore, the government needs to enhance its capacity and put in place economic support programmes that will empower Nigerians in the informal sector as a coping mechanism in cases of emergencies like a pandemic.

Keywords: COVID-19, Human Security, Socio-economic Security, Social Protection, Pandemic


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