Knowledge Translation Process of the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) Standard in Thailand


Patcharin Sae-heng Noppol Arunrat Nathsuda Pumijumnong Uthai Chareonwong Thomas Neal Stewart Sukanya Sereenonchai


     The rice sector in Thailand is in the process of introducing the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation. A pilot implementation of the SRP standard was first conducted at Ubon Ratchathani province in the Northeast in 2013-2017 and has been extended to other provinces. This study describes the process of knowledge translation in the out-scaling implementation of the SRP Standard in Thailand and identifies the success factors of the SRP Standard’s implementation. Data was collected by conducting in-depth interviews with 15 stakeholders from the Rice Department of Thailand and from the study site, Ubon Ratchathani province. Data analysis was done by employing the Knowledge to Action (KTA) framework, consisting of knowledge creation and an action cycle. SWOT analysis and TOWS Matrix were used to analyse the success factors of the SRP Standard implementation. This study supports an evidence-based explanation and systematic approach to translate agricultural knowledge into action and promote behavior changes for sustainable rice cultivation.

     During knowledge creation, the main mechanisms of knowledge inquiry were stakeholder workshops and public consultation. The knowledge was then synthesised according to the suitability of the knowledge with the local context and knowledge needs of the farmers. In the action cycle, a baseline study along with pre- and post- assessments of farmer trainings were done to identify existing problems. Creating farmer participation and ownership of the knowledge helped to obtain more acceptance and usage of the knowledge. Moreover, knowledge use and knowledge outcomes were monitored and evaluated through farmer diaries which were mechanisms for encouraging record keeping by the farmers. The success factors of the SRP Standard implementation are feedback from the farmers, criteria for selecting the proper knowledge products and knowledge transfer methods, the development of the farmers’ knowledge network and participation of the relevant stakeholders.

Keywords: Knowledge Translation, Knowledge to Action, Sustainable Rice Platform, SWOT, TOWS Matrix


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