Walking through a Successful Life: A Case Study


Laurence Lascuña Garcia


     This study assessed the stages of life experienced by a famous and successful individual to gather information as to perception of success and its contribution to development. It used the qualitative case study on an individual above the age of 60 who was recognized due to her achievements in her field. Details of the life story were gathered through one-on-one interview and used holistic analysis of the whole case towards a theory-building report. The themes identified were: Success as a way of life, Contributing to otherssuccess, and, A Walk into a Life of Success, with subthemes: A Playful but Noiseless; Childhood Teenage Confusion as Prelude to Real Life; Preliminary Structures of Adult Life; Immersion into the Life of Success; Death as Accidental Motivator; and Late Life Family Triumphs. Walking back into the life of a successful individual provided a chance to review not only the definitions of success but also the process of achieving success. It is recommended to conduct a study on multiple cases. 

Keywords: Success in old age, Individualized Perception, Highlights of the Ages


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