Office Environment Warning System


Jakkrit Sukserm Parin Santisuk Pornsak Srikaew Sirikan Chucherd


        Humidity, dust, sun-UV are some factors that we face in our daily life. Although we keep ourselves to work or live in a room or an office. How do we actually know if it is safe or not? It may have some dust within our place. It may have sun-UV coming through the window. Or humidity level is too wet or too dry. It will cause problems for our health if we live with those environments in the long term. So we decided to create a device that measures those factors (Humidity, dust, and sun-UV) in our living space. The device was made similar to a small box. It composed of ESP-32, a dust sensor, a humidity sensor, and a sun-UV sensor. It can measure all indicators and display them via mobile application modified from MIT app inventor. If the value is not normal, the suggestion will be provided for the user on the mobile application. We tested our system with three different sections, dust section, sun-UV section, and humidity section. Each section shows us some factors that may affect the changing of those environments. It can accurately measure a small area. It was only created for us to know that the environment around us is good enough to work or live for the long term.

Keywords: Dust, Sun-UV, Humidity, IoTs, MIT app inventor


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