Quality Control & Validity in Testing for NUIC


Jason Lee Carter


Naresuan University International College (NUIC) is an international educational institution on the brink of new responsibilities and accountabilities as the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) approaches. As an assurance for the quality of the graduates NUIC is producing, it becomes necessary to examine the methods of testing in the institution to evaluate the validity of the testing procedures to ensure they are comparable with international education standards, as well as procedures and methodologies that will progress validity in the actual examinations as well. Quizzes and examinations are critical components to validating a learner’s comprehension of presented material unified with industry expectations, hopefully, and a vital part to assessing the learner’s attention to not only the curriculum and industry relevant to their educational path, but also concurrent with the expectancies of discipline and fortitude needed to achieve educational excellence and prove themselves to be a competent student and contributor to community development. Through the review of relevant material circulating throughout the AEC regarding testing validity, as well as the perspective of NUIC students, this report outlines the primary concerns and addresses the policies and methodologies that will contribute and enhance the overall testing quality at NUIC.

Keywords: quality assurance, examination, curricular validity, cheating, educational standard

quality assurance, examination, curricular validity, cheating, educational standard
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